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Teaching our kids to ski

This past weekend we decided to take our boys skiing for the first time. My husband is a avid snowboarder and has been anticipating taking our boys skiing since they were born. For some reason his soul craves the rush of adenine and powder covered mountains and he wants our boys to experience that too! After arriving to the ski resort and getting settled in we went back and forth as to weather to rent ski’s for our 2 year old son. Our son Eli is a bit stubborn at times. When he wants to do something he does it whole-heartedly, but when he doesn’t want to do something— you know how it goes. But we went ahead and rented him skis anyway! 

After getting all there gear we headed to the bunny hill to teach them the basic techniques. Although the start was a bit rough, the boys quickly took to skiing. The first several times we went down holding the back of their snow pants reminding them to make a pizza to slow down. Once they got the hang of it they no longer wanted our help and wanted to go up and down the hill on their own. They were so excited to show us that they could do it independently. From that moment on it was up and down and back and forth on the hill all morning long. The boys fell a couple times, but quick got back up without complain. Falling seemed to not faze them at all. And at noon we had to convince the boys to come off the hill to eat lunch.

After lunch, they insisted on us letting them go back to ski some more even though we could tell they were tired.  So we made our way back to the hill and let the boys continue to ski. They decided to step up their game and like most brothers turned there skiing into a competition. To them this was the best day ever!

The next day our oldest son did a couple more practice rounds on the bunny hill and then decided he was ready to take on the mountain. So he and my husband rode the ski lift to the top and begun the decent down. When they reach the bottom his face was glowing from excitement.  I think its safe to say that there will be much more skiing in our future. 

Time and time again my kids show me that they can and will rise above if they are given the chance. Kids are amazing. I think we sometimes under estimate what they are capable of. I know I do. I am so proud of our boys I honestly didn’t know how this was going to go or if they would even enjoy it due to them being so young. BUT it was so fun watching them independently conquer the mountain and fall in love with skiing. The joy and excitement on their faces was worth it all.

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