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What’s in our Hiking Daypack?

We get a lot of questions about what is in our hiking daypack?

We have included links to some of the products we use.

Our Pack:

First aid kit (which includes sunscreen, a lighter, emergency blanket and a knife/multipurpose tool)

Water in hydration pack



-Change of clothing for the kids (in case of accidents) we use Rags to Raches because they are super easy to get on and off, light weight and fold up small helping us save space.

– Snacks (to help energize and motivate kids on the trail) lots of fruits and vegetables plus we bring bars and dried fruit and seeds.


-Diapers (2+)

-Ziploc or a bag for trash (make sure you take out everything you bought with you on the trail)

-Fully charged phone (Alltrails app for a map | Flashlight | To call for help in case of an emergency)

-Epipen (our son has a peanut allergy)

Kids Pack’s:

Water in hydration pack

Jacket or this one.


Whistle (in case of an emergency or getting lost. Our boys also know that they cannot blow the whistle unless it’s an emergency).

Things we also bring, but wear:

-Hiking boots and socks

Find a hiking boot that is waterproof. We also like to have hiking boots that are around the ankles for support while hiking.

-Sunglasses (for protection from the sun)

-Hat (for protection from the sun)

Things we keep in the car for our return from the trail:


-Lunch or Snacks

-Treat for the kids

-Change of shoes

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