What's in Our Hiking Bag?
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Packing List for Backpacking to Havasupai with Kids

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Backpack (rain cover for pack)

Kid Carrier

Backpacking Tent (similar)

Sleeping bag x3 Dad | Mom (similar) | Kids (buy compression sacks for sleeping bags) We only bought 3 sleeping bag because our kids are young enough to share. I shared my sleeping bag with our middle son and our oldest son shared with daughter. Sleeping bags are the hardest part of this packing list and you have to figure out how this works for you!

Sleeping Pad

3L+ Water Blatter

Water Filter

JetBoil + Fuel

Mountain House Camping Meals -We brought more food then we needed. (We brought 12 meals, but only used 8 meals. Most meals are 2 to 3 servings in one pack.)

Spork x5

Snacks- We brought chewy bars, trail mix, fruit leathers, protein bites and treats.

Trash bag (pack in pack out)

Large Ziplocks Bags x4


3 diapers (all of our children are potty trained! This was a just in case for our youngest because she had just been potty trained for a month) The store in the village does carry diapers, but we don’t know if they are always open.

Rain coats x5

First Aid Kit


Emergency Blanket x2

Cash (for things like fry bread, store, helicopter or a JUST IN CASE).

Head Lamps x5

Change of clothes for the kids (Cory and I didn’t bring a change of clothes we slept in our clothes).

Chasing Windmills


Rags to Raches



Swim suits

Microfiber Towels

Water shoes 

Hiking Poles


Camera/ Batteries


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