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Redwood Constellation Rooftop Tent from Treeline Outdoors

The rooftop tent from Treeline Outdoors has revolutionized the way our family camps. We spent this past summer out almost every weekend and spent 10 day traveling through Utah camping in our tent. In our 10 day traveling with the tent we saw heavy wind storms, rain, flash flooding and warm and cold days and nights. This tent has passed the test and kept our family dry, warm and safe from the elements.

This tent has allowed us the flexibility to pick up and move on with ease to the next amazing destination. Our pack up times with the tent takes us only but a few minutes and the fact that we can just leave our sleeping bags in the tent is a plus.  We spent 4 days in Zion National Park and we were able to leave the tent open while we were out hiking and exploring the Park. The other places around Utah we did not spend more the 2 nights in one place so it was easy to just fold in the tent and be on our way. We didn’t have to take apart poles, lay out a tent and roll it up to fit into a bag.

Treeline Outdoors has produced a tent that can do it all from your weekend camping to long cross country trips.

We have been getting a lot questions about our tent so we thought we would share 10 things we love about this tent. We did a walk through on our Instagram stories answering some of those questions and telling you the features we love, but I thought it would be helpful to everyone to write out a more permanent post.  Also, we did a lot of research and compared different rooftop tent companies to each other before we purchased our tent and after receiving our tent we are more impressed with the quality and features that Treeline offers than we were before.

10 things we love about our Redwood Conteslation Rooftop Tent:

  1. Quick set up and take down (about 4 minutes)
  2. Foam Mattress and ability to store bedding in the tent (don’t have to store or carry around sleeping pads, bags and pillows)
  3. The mobility: Allows us to drive to the trailhead the night before and hike in the morning
  4. Safe and Durable (Off the ground from the elements and animals. Protects us from rain, windstorms, flashflooding, etc.) *** This is extremely important to us especially with our kids.
  5. Saves us money in the long run (road trips and not having to paid for a hotel)
  6. Fun for kids (our kids think it’s their very own tree house)
  7. Windows views (especially the skylight windows to allow for star gazing- we live in the city of Denver so we want our kids to have the opportunity lay down and look at the stars).
  8. Spacious (can fit our family of 5, plus one more)
  9. Storage capability when open
    • Utility net on tent base underside for additional storage
    • Heavy duty rubber storage latches
    • 4  removable shoe/utility storage bags
    • 6 small pockets inside the tent to store things like keys, wallet, glasses, etc.
  10. The add on features-
    • Solar-ready (lighting for potty break at night, charging phones, camera, go pro, and computer for husband schooling or when it rains kids can watch a movie)
    • Annex for additional living space, functionality and comfort.

Check out the specs on the Redwood Constallation tent

Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments or send us a message. We would be happy to answer any questions to the best of our ability. Also, if you wanting to purchase a rooftop tent from Treeline use the code: HTGWK at checkout for a discount.

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