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10 tips for hiking Havasupai with Kids


Quick Facts for Hiking Havasu Falls

First day to get camping permits: February 1st at 8 AM (reservations Feb 2018 sold out in 30 minutes for the entire year so be ready)

Cost to camp at Havasu Falls: There is a maximum of 4 Days / 3 Nights per reservation. You are welcome to make multiple back-to-back reservations to extend your stay if those dates are still available (however, there are no refunds on any resulting pricing differences). Pricing for 2018 is as follows and includes all necessary permits, fees, and taxes:
One Person, 2 Days / 1 Night: $140.56
One Person, 3 Days / 2 Nights: $171.12
One Person, 4 Days / 3 Nights: $201.67

Weekend nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), Holiday weekday nights (February 19, May 28, July 4, September 3, October 8), and Spring Break weekday nights (March 5-8 and 19-22) are an additional $18.34 per night.

Online Camping Permits

-Phone number is (928) 448-2121

– Trail Length from Haulapai Hilltop (trailhead) to Havasu Fall: 22.1 Miles round trip (the mileage can vary depending on if you decide to hike to down Moody Falls, Beaver Fall or Confluence or if you choose to use the helicopter).

-Helicopter is available to take down for $85/person ONE WAY or send just you pack for $20/pack ONE WAY. The helicopter only goes to the village so you will still have to hike 2 miles with pack! Helicopter starts service around 10 am.

– Pack Mules can be used to send packs down to Havasu Falls (there is a lot of controversy over this so please do your research!:

$132.00 ONE WAY, $264.00 ROUND TRIP per pack horse
Reservations for pack animal MUST BE MADE 1 week prior to arrival through the camping office.

– There are a limited amount of groceries and supplies available in the Supai village. We saw meat, cheese, drinks, diapers, etc.

-Make sure you have your permit (printed) and a photo ID to present to check in at the  tourism office.

Okay let’s get into the

  1. Book 4 days/3 nights
    • When we booked our trip to Havasu all that was left was 2 day and 1 night so we just didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see this amazing place in person, but if you can we highly suggest trying to get permits for 4 days/3 nights.  There is absolutely so much more to see than just Havasu Falls! Don’t get me wrong Havasu Falls is amazing, but there is so many more falls to enjoy while there.
  2. Go in the spring or fall
    • We also knew that we wanted to go in the spring or fall because let’s be honest it’s no fun hiking in unbearable temps especially with kids. Summer temperatures can reach 120 F. When we were there it was 65 F which was perfect although it was still hot hiking during the day.  There is also a higher risks of flash-flooding and as I said above there is absolutely no refunds.
  3. Included your kids in the planning and packing!
    • This is so important when hiking with kids! For my kids it gets them excited! They know the destination and they have been a part of the whole process which helps motivate them to get to the destination! Who doesn’t want to check out an awesome waterfall.
  4. Stay at the trailhead the night before! Sleep in your car or set up a tent!
    • This allows you to leave early. The closest town to the trailhead I believe is an hour and a half to two hours. Most people plan to start hiking around 4 to 5 am in the morning. This allows them to get some miles in before the sun comes up and you are hiking in the heat!
  5. Be smart with your packing!
    • We had to pack for all 5 of us in 1 bag and its extremely important to pack as light as possible. See our packing list here. If you overpack you will get weighted down making the hike to Havasupai much harder. Pack as light as possible and only bring the essentials like we only bought the clothes on our bodies nothing else.
  6. Bring a lot of snacks!
  7. Take a lot of breaks!
    • It takes more energy for kids to hiking and I mean they have little legs. They will need a lot of breaks to make the trek so plan to stop every 1 to 2 miles to let them stretch their legs! We also planned to stop for lunch on our hike to refuel!
  8. Spend time in the village
    • It’s a unique experience for kids to play and interact with other kids who live and possibly look completely different than them! There is a basketball court in the village center and swings! Let them play and make friends!
  9. It’s worth the $20 to helicopter your pack out on the hike back to the trailhead.
    • Seriously the best $20 we ever spent! You will be doing a lot of hiking on this trip especially if you hike down to the other falls. So the less weight you have returning to the trailhead the better!
  10. Enjoy disconnecting from everyday life and have a trip of a lifetime with your kids!
    • This is a trip of a lifetime one that you will never forget so enjoy it and make lots of memories with your kids! It will be priceless!


Let me know in the comments or over on our instagram (@hikingtheglobewithkids) any other questions you may have!


  1. What a great article. Thank you for all of your advice and information. It definitely motivated me to give it a try even with kids. You guys are rock stars – Xoxo!


    • We are so glad! There’s not much information out there on doing this hike with kids! So we wanted to encourage and be helpful in anyway we could! Thank you for you kind words.


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