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10 tips for hiking Havasupai with Kids


Quick Facts for Hiking Havasu Falls

First day to get camping permits: February 1st at 8 AM (reservations Feb 2018 sold out in 30 minutes for the entire year so be ready)

Cost to camp at Havasu Falls: There is a maximum of 4 Days / 3 Nights per reservation. You are welcome to make multiple back-to-back reservations to extend your stay if those dates are still available (however, there are no refunds on any resulting pricing differences). Pricing for 2018 is as follows and includes all necessary permits, fees, and taxes:
One Person, 2 Days / 1 Night: $140.56
One Person, 3 Days / 2 Nights: $171.12
One Person, 4 Days / 3 Nights: $201.67

Weekend nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), Holiday weekday nights (February 19, May 28, July 4, September 3, October 8), and Spring Break weekday nights (March 5-8 and 19-22) are an additional $18.34 per night.

Online Camping Permits

-Phone number is (928) 448-2121

– Trail Length from Haulapai Hilltop (trailhead) to Havasu Fall: 22.1 Miles round trip (the mileage can vary depending on if you decide to hike to down Moody Falls, Beaver Fall or Confluence or if you choose to use the helicopter).

-Helicopter is available to take down for $85/person ONE WAY or send just you pack for $20/pack ONE WAY. The helicopter only goes to the village so you will still have to hike 2 miles with pack! Helicopter starts service around 10 am.

– Pack Mules can be used to send packs down to Havasu Falls (there is a lot of controversy over this so please do your research!:

$132.00 ONE WAY, $264.00 ROUND TRIP per pack horse
Reservations for pack animal MUST BE MADE 1 week prior to arrival through the camping office.

– There are a limited amount of groceries and supplies available in the Supai village. We saw meat, cheese, drinks, diapers, etc.

-Make sure you have your permit (printed) and a photo ID to present to check in at the  tourism office.

Okay let’s get into the

  1. Book 4 days/3 nights
    • When we booked our trip to Havasu all that was left was 2 day and 1 night so we just didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see this amazing place in person, but if you can we highly suggest trying to get permits for 4 days/3 nights.  There is absolutely so much more to see than just Havasu Falls! Don’t get me wrong Havasu Falls is amazing, but there is so many more falls to enjoy while there.
  2. Go in the spring or fall
    • We also knew that we wanted to go in the spring or fall because let’s be honest it’s no fun hiking in unbearable temps especially with kids. Summer temperatures can reach 120 F. When we were there it was 65 F which was perfect although it was still hot hiking during the day.  There is also a higher risks of flash-flooding and as I said above there is absolutely no refunds.
  3. Included your kids in the planning and packing!
    • This is so important when hiking with kids! For my kids it gets them excited! They know the destination and they have been a part of the whole process which helps motivate them to get to the destination! Who doesn’t want to check out an awesome waterfall.
  4. Stay at the trailhead the night before! Sleep in your car or set up a tent!
    • This allows you to leave early. The closest town to the trailhead I believe is an hour and a half to two hours. Most people plan to start hiking around 4 to 5 am in the morning. This allows them to get some miles in before the sun comes up and you are hiking in the heat!
  5. Be smart with your packing!
    • We had to pack for all 5 of us in 1 bag and its extremely important to pack as light as possible. See our packing list here. If you overpack you will get weighted down making the hike to Havasupai much harder. Pack as light as possible and only bring the essentials like we only bought the clothes on our bodies nothing else.
  6. Bring a lot of snacks!
  7. Take a lot of breaks!
    • It takes more energy for kids to hiking and I mean they have little legs. They will need a lot of breaks to make the trek so plan to stop every 1 to 2 miles to let them stretch their legs! We also planned to stop for lunch on our hike to refuel!
  8. Spend time in the village
    • It’s a unique experience for kids to play and interact with other kids who live and possibly look completely different than them! There is a basketball court in the village center and swings! Let them play and make friends!
  9. It’s worth the $20 to helicopter your pack out on the hike back to the trailhead.
    • Seriously the best $20 we ever spent! You will be doing a lot of hiking on this trip especially if you hike down to the other falls. So the less weight you have returning to the trailhead the better!
  10. Enjoy disconnecting from everyday life and have a trip of a lifetime with your kids!
    • This is a trip of a lifetime one that you will never forget so enjoy it and make lots of memories with your kids! It will be priceless!


Let me know in the comments or over on our instagram (@hikingtheglobewithkids) any other questions you may have!

Redwood Constellation Rooftop Tent from Treeline Outdoors

The rooftop tent from Treeline Outdoors has revolutionized the way our family camps. We spent this past summer out almost every weekend and spent 10 day traveling through Utah camping in our tent. In our 10 day traveling with the tent we saw heavy wind storms, rain, flash flooding and warm and cold days and nights. This tent has passed the test and kept our family dry, warm and safe from the elements.

This tent has allowed us the flexibility to pick up and move on with ease to the next amazing destination. Our pack up times with the tent takes us only but a few minutes and the fact that we can just leave our sleeping bags in the tent is a plus.  We spent 4 days in Zion National Park and we were able to leave the tent open while we were out hiking and exploring the Park. The other places around Utah we did not spend more the 2 nights in one place so it was easy to just fold in the tent and be on our way. We didn’t have to take apart poles, lay out a tent and roll it up to fit into a bag.

Treeline Outdoors has produced a tent that can do it all from your weekend camping to long cross country trips.

We have been getting a lot questions about our tent so we thought we would share 10 things we love about this tent. We did a walk through on our Instagram stories answering some of those questions and telling you the features we love, but I thought it would be helpful to everyone to write out a more permanent post.  Also, we did a lot of research and compared different rooftop tent companies to each other before we purchased our tent and after receiving our tent we are more impressed with the quality and features that Treeline offers than we were before.

10 things we love about our Redwood Conteslation Rooftop Tent:

  1. Quick set up and take down (about 4 minutes)
  2. Foam Mattress and ability to store bedding in the tent (don’t have to store or carry around sleeping pads, bags and pillows)
  3. The mobility: Allows us to drive to the trailhead the night before and hike in the morning
  4. Safe and Durable (Off the ground from the elements and animals. Protects us from rain, windstorms, flashflooding, etc.) *** This is extremely important to us especially with our kids.
  5. Saves us money in the long run (road trips and not having to paid for a hotel)
  6. Fun for kids (our kids think it’s their very own tree house)
  7. Windows views (especially the skylight windows to allow for star gazing- we live in the city of Denver so we want our kids to have the opportunity lay down and look at the stars).
  8. Spacious (can fit our family of 5, plus one more)
  9. Storage capability when open
    • Utility net on tent base underside for additional storage
    • Heavy duty rubber storage latches
    • 4  removable shoe/utility storage bags
    • 6 small pockets inside the tent to store things like keys, wallet, glasses, etc.
  10. The add on features-
    • Solar-ready (lighting for potty break at night, charging phones, camera, go pro, and computer for husband schooling or when it rains kids can watch a movie)
    • Annex for additional living space, functionality and comfort.

Check out the specs on the Redwood Constallation tent

Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments or send us a message. We would be happy to answer any questions to the best of our ability. Also, if you wanting to purchase a rooftop tent from Treeline use the code: HTGWK at checkout for a discount.

Tips for a successful hike with toddlers

Hiking with toddlers is not always sunshine and rainbows and I don’t ever want you to think that it is or that we have it “all together” because that’s just not true. We have had our fair share of melt-downs, diaper blowouts and carrying kids back to the car. Hiking with toddlers can sometimes be exhausting. We have been there and still sometimes experience those things. However, it’s getting better and we are learning. We hiked before kids, but now we are learning to hike with kids and have been doing so since our oldest was born five years ago.

These are some things that we have learned to have a successful hike with our 3 kids (all 5 and under).

  1. Let them help select the hiking trail.
    • Choose a couple trails that have rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and cool rock formations to climb on and let your kids choose which trail to do. Getting your kids involved in the planning process help them feel more ownership and motivate when hiking! Also, knowing the things they will see on the trail helps to keep them hiking! 
  2. Prepare for the hike.
    • Prepare the night before. Get all of the snacks, gear and bags ready to walk out the door. I find that when we are prepare to go and leave on time things on the hike goes a lot smoother. Morning hikes are best for us. We avoid the heat of the day, nap schedules and meal times. Our kids usually have the most energy in the morning helping push them forward on the hike. 
  3. Bring lots of snacks.
    • Even though we usually avoid hiking during meal times. Kids still get hungry so we bring lots of snacks (and water) to fuel and motivate them forward. We do bring a couple “bunny treats” to give to them at our destination and at the end of the hike. ***Let me also say that we do still alway bring lunch with us to either eat after hiking or if the hike ends up going a little longer than expected. It’s no fun having hungry kids on the trail. 
  4. Let them take the lead on the trail.
    • Again, kids love taking ownership! Our kids love leading on this amazing adventure. They feel a sense of pride knowing that we are following their lead. 
  5. Encourage them.
    • We always encourage our kids along the trail letting them know how great they are doing and pointing out how they just climbed all the way up that huge rock. We want our kids to know that they CAN DO HARD THINGS! And than when they start doubting themselves we love to remind them “do you remember when… you hike 9 miles or climbed that huge rock” “do you remember the cool waterfall we saw after that?” (ps. It’s okay to motivate them with snacks and treats too!)
  6. Distract them.
    • After hiking so much with our kids I can foresee the times when they will start complaining. We take these moments to distract and keep their minds off of hiking. We like to ask them questions, talk about some of their favorite things and play little games on the trail. 
  7. Take lots of breaks.
    • I can not stress this enough! Take breaks, lots and lots of break! Kids have little legs and it takes them a lot more energy to hike than us- they get tired! They need time to rest so stop, sit down, eat and drink lots of water until they are ready to move forward! When you first start hiking you may be taking a lot of breaks, but the more you hike the less stops you will make! It just takes time to get there!
  8. Stay Positive.
    • I don’t know about your kids, but mine know when I am frustrated or upset! So let things little roll off your back and stay positive! If your excited about the hike most likely the kids will get excited!  
  9. Be Flexible.
    • Things don’t always go as plan especially with toddlers. So be willing to be flexible and change plans! Maybe that means you just hangout in one location and don’t get to where you planned. That’s completely okay. 
  10. Remember it’s not about the destination.
    • This was a HARD lesson to learn, but it is crucial lesson! When you start hiking with your littles more than likely you will not get to your destination right away, but the more you hike with them the better it will get. 

I hope that these tips can help you when you are out hiking with your littles. We have gone through a lot of frustrating hikes and trial and error to figure out what works for our kids. We know that each kid is different and hope that this will help you to find the things that work for you and your kids! Let us know below if you have some tips that have worked for you if it’s not listed above so other families can benefit and try them out.



Packing List for Backpacking to Havasupai with Kids

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Backpack (rain cover for pack)

Kid Carrier

Backpacking Tent (similar)

Sleeping bag x3 Dad | Mom (similar) | Kids (buy compression sacks for sleeping bags) We only bought 3 sleeping bag because our kids are young enough to share. I shared my sleeping bag with our middle son and our oldest son shared with daughter. Sleeping bags are the hardest part of this packing list and you have to figure out how this works for you!

Sleeping Pad

3L+ Water Blatter

Water Filter

JetBoil + Fuel

Mountain House Camping Meals -We brought more food then we needed. (We brought 12 meals, but only used 8 meals. Most meals are 2 to 3 servings in one pack.)

Spork x5

Snacks- We brought chewy bars, trail mix, fruit leathers, protein bites and treats.

Trash bag (pack in pack out)

Large Ziplocks Bags x4


3 diapers (all of our children are potty trained! This was a just in case for our youngest because she had just been potty trained for a month) The store in the village does carry diapers, but we don’t know if they are always open.

Rain coats x5

First Aid Kit


Emergency Blanket x2

Cash (for things like fry bread, store, helicopter or a JUST IN CASE).

Head Lamps x5

Change of clothes for the kids (Cory and I didn’t bring a change of clothes we slept in our clothes).

Chasing Windmills


Rags to Raches



Swim suits

Microfiber Towels

Water shoes 

Hiking Poles


Camera/ Batteries


Road Trip Across New Zealand with Kids- North Island

Our family spent 2 weeks traveling around New Zealand. The first week we rented an RV from Mighway and traveled around the North Island hiking and spending time catching the waves. Thanks for joining our adventure!

Be sure to check us out on Instagram for more fun at @hikingtheglobewithkids Places we traveled in order of appearance:

Long’s Bay Regional Park

Matapouri Bay – Mermaid Pools

Hot Water Beach

Cathedral Cove

Waiheke Island Ferry



Freedom Camping found on Campermate

Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park


Music by:

Great Days – Joakim Karud…

Happy Life – FREDJI…

Last Summer – Music by:

KEEN Hikeport Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The KEEN Hikeport is a hiking boots that is not only sleek and stylish which allows for kids to wear them on a daily basis to school and/or the playground, but they are perfect for all your outdoors adventures weather it be hiking in the mountains, deserts or beaches. I will be honest these are my favorite hiking boots for kids that KEEN has made. The things I love about these boots are:

  • They are lightweight– not chunky and weighting my kids down on the trails.
  • Flexible– they form to and move with my kids foot as they hike.
  • Quick and easy to slip on– allowing for my kids to put on their own boots.
  • Support– the mid boot supports my kids feet and ankles as they hike all different trails and terrain.
  • Waterproof- allowing for my kids to walk through water and still have dry feet.

Our oldest son wore these boots hiking through The Narrows at Zion National Park. The entire trail is in water, hiking over rocks and boulders for over 5 hours. After hiking all day the boots still looked new and we were thankful they gave him a lot of support and comfortability while hiking.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about these boot. I only wish KEEN made more boots in this style and in bigger sizes!

Here is a list of the  specs on these boots:

    A proprietary waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in.

    This internal support mechanism is anatomically engineered to provide excellent arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot.

  • KEEN.Dry® waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for easy on, easy off
  • Padded collar and tongue for comfort
  • *Cleansport NXT™ for natural odor control


  • Waterproof, leather and textile upper
  • Non-marking rubber outsole leaves no trace
  • Direct attach PU midsole for light weight durability
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Removable, metatomical EVA footbed for cushioning

14 hour Road Trip to Arizona with Kids

Family road-trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. We took our 3 kids on a 14 hour road trip over Thanksgiving break to Scottsdale to enjoy the sunshine, pool and hiking in the desert. We were able to stop at some places along the away to cross off our bucket list such as:

Arches National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Monument Valley


Holiday Inn Club Vacations Scottsdale Resort 

Places we visited:

Butterfly Wonderland

Out of Africa: Wildlife Park 

McDowell Sonoran Conservancy


AGJN by Pretty Lights

Can’t Stop the Feeling By Justin Timberlake

Happy by Pharrell Williams

We Will Walk by Matisyahu

What’s in our Hiking Daypack?

We get a lot of questions about what is in our hiking daypack?

We have included links to some of the products we use.

Our Pack:

First aid kit (which includes sunscreen, a lighter, emergency blanket and a knife/multipurpose tool)

Water in hydration pack



-Change of clothing for the kids (in case of accidents) we use Rags to Raches because they are super easy to get on and off, light weight and fold up small helping us save space.

– Snacks (to help energize and motivate kids on the trail) lots of fruits and vegetables plus we bring bars and dried fruit and seeds.


-Diapers (2+)

-Ziploc or a bag for trash (make sure you take out everything you bought with you on the trail)

-Fully charged phone (Alltrails app for a map | Flashlight | To call for help in case of an emergency)

-Epipen (our son has a peanut allergy)

Kids Pack’s:

Water in hydration pack

Jacket or this one.


Whistle (in case of an emergency or getting lost. Our boys also know that they cannot blow the whistle unless it’s an emergency).

Things we also bring, but wear:

-Hiking boots and socks

Find a hiking boot that is waterproof. We also like to have hiking boots that are around the ankles for support while hiking.

-Sunglasses (for protection from the sun)

-Hat (for protection from the sun)

Things we keep in the car for our return from the trail:


-Lunch or Snacks

-Treat for the kids

-Change of shoes

Using Nature to find One on One Time with the Kids

I’m a mom with three toddlers (all four and under). I want to spend one-on-one time with all of them. I don’t know about you, but for me finding time to give undivided one on one attention to each of them is almost impossible. Life at home is just too crazy!

I’m feeding, cleaning, changing diapers, doing potty breaks, refereeing my boys, meal planning and acting as climbing gym for all my kiddos to climb on.  At home, each of my kids wants my attention. Every day.  I just can’t give it without causing one of them to feel left out.

But when we’re outdoor adventuring that changes. I find it easy to provide the one on one time that my kids are wanting and craving.


One of the reasons we love spending so much time in nature is because it allows us to disconnect, slow down and spend time as a family without any distractions. The kids are all preoccupied with their surroundings, exploring nature and taking in the beauty, that they don’t really need my attention. So it is much easier to get beside one of them and share the experience without any of the others getting jealous!

When I am hiking or biking with my kids one of them is either way ahead or falling behind so I use that time to spend one on one time with one of them. I find time when we are throwing rocks or playing in a lake or river to bend down and talk and explore while the others are distracted.


Our middle son usually hikes behind us so I know I can fall back a bit and spend that time encouraging, talking and playing games with just him. He also loves when I put him on my shoulders (he’s always down for being carried) because it speaks to him and fills his “love tank”.  There are all sorts of moments on the trails that I am able to give all my attention to one kid and still keep my eyes on the others.

When my husband is out on adventures with us we tag team with our kids. When paddle boarding we take turns taking one kid out at a time so that we can get that one on one time. They love sitting back and enjoying the ride. We like to play eye spy or talk about our favorite things from the week. We even take turn paddling or jumping off the board into the lake.

We also do this when we’re hiking or biking together as family. Our kids are all at different stages so it is another opportunity to spend alone time with one of them while keeping our eyes on all of them.

On our last hiking adventure our middle son wanted stop hiking to explore while our oldest son wanted to keep going. So instead of upsetting one of them by picking,  my husband and I decided to take the opportunity to be intentional. He hiked up further with our youngest and oldest and I stayed behind to explore with our middle child.


We each got to invest in our kids that day doing what they love to do. We always try our best to be intentional with our kids on all of our adventures together. I know that as they get older it will look differently, but at this stage of life they love it and at the end of each adventure they always proclaim that it was the best adventure ever. So we must be doing sometime right!

I feel like nature offers so many opportunities to spend undivided one on one time with our kids, if we just take the time to do it. I would love to hear how you like to spend one on one time with your kids while outdoors. Please leave a comment below so we can share techniques!

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