What’s in our bag?

What is in our hiking daypack?

We have included links to some of the products we use.

Our Pack:

First aid kit (which includes sunscreen, a lighter and a knife/multipurpose tool)

Water in hydration pack


-Change of clothing for the kids (in case of accidents)

– Snacks (no candy or sugar to help energize and motivate kids on the trail)


-Diapers (2+)

-Ziploc or a bag for trash (make sure you take out everything you bought with you on the trail)

-Fully charged phone (Alltrails app for a map | Flashlight | To call for help in case of an emergency)

-Epipen (our son has a peanut allergy)

Kids Pack’s:

Water in hydration pack

Jacket or this one.


-Whistle (in case of an emergency or getting lost) ours kids backpack come with a whistle (our boys also know that they cannot blow the whistle unless it’s an emergency).

Things we also bring, but wear:

-Hiking boots and socks

Find a hiking boot that is waterproof. We also like to have hiking boots that are around the ankles for support while hiking.

-Sunglasses (for protection from the sun)

-Hat (for protection from the sun)

Things we keep in the car for our return from the trail:


-Lunch or Snacks

-Treat for the kids

-Change of shoes